Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Art post!!

Now i'm starting to feel much better i'll post my artsy inspirations for the last few days
I can see a pattern developing, the imagery I peruse whilst i'm ill is very different from when i'm healthy.

Fashion fashion

Fashion inspiration post!
ロリー系 フェイリー系 姫ギャル系 上げ女系 ギャル系

Monday, 25 October 2010

Food post omnomnom

You'd never guess I have an eating disorder looking at all this delicious food.
I like how it looks, just not how it tastes!

lolita fashion and frills

This just makes me want a hot chocolate
A nice pick me up after having a cold for so long!

random image post

This photo is stunning!

Here's a new blog!! I hope to inspire!

I'm a freelance illustrator!
I hope to create digital paintings for the games industry.
I love cute and small things.
I enjoy quirkiness... of all forms
I'm eccentric and colourful.

now onto my inspirational images for today.