Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Art post!!

Now i'm starting to feel much better i'll post my artsy inspirations for the last few days
I can see a pattern developing, the imagery I peruse whilst i'm ill is very different from when i'm healthy.

Here I'll do my best to illustrate this point with images pulled from my tumblr.
Please visit: http://sweetcandykaikai.tumblr.com/ to see the images' original sources.

All of these images are posted in chronoglogical order. Let's see the pattern emerge!

When i'm sick I tend to choose images with muted palettes. 
Often with a lot of brown, blues, purples and greens. Mainly cold or neutral tones and hues stick out for me.

However when i'm feeling healthy,
 I choose more colours with vibrant and dynamic postures and busy cluttered patterns. 
Anything with lots of colour will catch my eye.

It's so weird, but Tumblr is logging my mood.
My tutors think that a glance at someone's tumblr can give you a good insight into who they are as a person.
I'm starting to think they're kind of right.


  1. The types of pictures I like to see varies with my health and mood too! glad to know i'm not the only one. also following you on tumblr :>

  2. HNNNNNGH. These pictures are gorgeous and adorable! They brightened up my day <3

  3. is that watercolor? It's beautiful!

  4. These pictures are so beautiful~ my mood doesn't really change anything, I love the watercolor/muted/soft styles the best.

    Started following your blog <3

  5. Oh, I meant tumblr, my bad!

  6. Great pictures :O This has certainly cheered my lunch break up a bit :D

  7. Gorgeous pictures, and I know what you mean about your mood affecting the images you like. Its so weird, but it happens!

  8. holy crap all of them are soooo pretty! O: I love that you have a slight variety in all your artworks!

  9. I love watercolor so much. @.@