Monday, 25 October 2010

lolita fashion and frills

This just makes me want a hot chocolate
A nice pick me up after having a cold for so long!

So today has been a pretty dull day, i got over the ailment that have been plaguing me recently, and i'm now looking forward to having a nice relaxed day.
but for now here's more inspirational images!!

Tempest paige and her brilliantly unique edited two tone wig


  1. Wowowow, that cup of hot chocolate looks so delicious @_@ Are those rainbow stick marshmellows? They remind me of AP's Sugary Carnival or whatever it's called.

  2. Eek, that cup of hot chocolate! So yummy!

    However, I don't recommend stealing pictures from other users D: I think the 3rd picture belongs to meowtan or Tempest Paige on LJ! You might want to credit her :)

  3. hot chocolate or cider in the fall is the best ;D

  4. That hot chocolate... mmmmmm!
    Your whole page reminds me of cotton candy!

  5. Oh shi... no intention of stealing any images, I know this is tempest paige we're friends on FB. maybe I should add a disclaimer on the page somewhere letting people know i'm just pulling these images from tumblr. comment if you know the original sources, i'll be more than happy to add a credit in the posts :D

    but yes that hot chocolate looks delish...
    I want one.

  6. I want whatever that is in that first pic. And i just got up to make hot chocolate! :D

  7. @sugar

    Ohh I didn't know that you were FB friends! The disclaimer sounds reasonable :)

    btw you should follow this blog on my profile (, not the other one because I don't write anything in it XD

  8. Mmm hot chocolate! Perfect for the weather.
    Btw I love all the pictures you have posted.

  9. @April thanks!! They're all pulled from my tumblr for the moment.
    And yesss it's so cold i just want a hot choco to function correctly.